Illustrations for Cheapass Games

Brief Forays Into Tabletop Gaming

Role: Character Illustration
Project Status: Most of these games have shipped and can be played by you and your family! Check out
Get Lucky
Get Lucky was my first card game and a lot of fun. James supplied photos of most of the villains: his friends and associates while I made illustrated versions of them. He would take these characters and add them to the cards he would design.
Kill Doctor Lucky 19.5 Year Anniversary Edition
Once James regained the rights to the Kill Doctor Lucky board game, he approached me to paint all new versions of the characters we grew fond of in the last iteration as well a number of new people. It was an honor and a pleasure to have a second chance at this world.
Get Janet
During the kickstarter for the last game, the stretch goal of creating a Jen Page/Janet Principle spin-off was reached.  James brought me on to the project again and gave me the opportunity to experiment with a more stylized look. These characters are based off movies and characters from the golden age of Hollywood.
Kill Doctor Lucky - Island Adventure
Kill Doctor Lucky's Island Adventure is the most recent addition to the franchise and a pretty fun one to illustrate. There very few original character photos so I was able to craft many of these people from scratch, using early mid-century explorer chic as an inspiration.

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